Strain engineering

Explogen’s ultimate goal is to help you to develop microbial strain into an industrially relevant biochemical factory

of microbial strains

Explogen combines the extensive expertise in genetics, genomics, and metabolism of microorganisms with the genetic tools, some of which are developed in-house. For genome engineering, Explogen relies on DNA recombination processes, homologous and site-specific. The use of dedicated recombination techniques allows precise, and when needed scar-less manipulations with the genome of microorganism keeping the resulting strain within the GMO policies of different countries. Our ability to clone, stably maintain and manipulate large DNA fragments increases the stain engineering efficiency and application of reporter systems facilitates screening procedure. 

Besides typical metabolic and genomic engineering, Explogen offers a synthetic biology tools development for the strain of interest. This includes:

  • adaptation of genetic engineering methods and tool; 
  • construction and testing of vectors and reporter systems;
  • construction of genetic control elements libraries with different features (promoter, terminators, RBSs);
  • construction of inducible promoter systems;
  • design and generation of compound-specific biosensors. 

Explogen offers a complete pipeline of strain engineering from design to realization, verification, and implementation support. We apply an individual approach for each particular case and flexible “strain first” payment scheme.

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Current Projects:
Strain engineering projects: 1 completed; 1 ongoing.