Engineer your dream
microorganism with us


Explogen is a contract research company working in the fields of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of microorganisms, genomics, and bioinformatics.

The keystone of our services is ability to clone, stably maintain and manipulate large DNA fragments (up to 120 kbp) with high efficiency.

When combined with different DNA recombination tools, reporter systems, synthetic genetic control elements, it enables us to build new microbial strains with defined features.

Our expertise in bacteria and yeast
biology at your service

How we work:
Personal approach, Full commitment, Post-project support, Flexible payment scheme.

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About us

We are experts in the synthetic biology of microorganisms based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Explogen brought back to Ukraine some of the best professionals in fields of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, genomics, and bioinformatics of bacteria and yeast in order to build the highly capable team of scientists.

Our team ensures that your strain development project is in the right hands.

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