Microbial Genomics

Explogen offers a comprehensive service in microbial genomics: from sequencing to analysis

NGS sequencing and
bioinformatics services

With several generations of sequencing technologies available, Explogen offers microbial and fungal genomics services. Our experts in genome sequencing and bioinformatics will choose the best service for your needs at an optimal cost.

We have experience in Bacterial, Fungal, and Protist de novo genome assembly and annotation.

We also offer the amplicon sequencing and analysis: 16S, ITS, darpin & IG sequences. Our aim is to provide comprehensive genomics and bioinformatics support:

  • sequencing quality control;
  • assembly and annotation;
  • manual correction of annotation;
  • SNPs, CNV, SV’s search and analysis;
  • gene function prediction;
  • phylogenetic analysis, etc.

Current Projects:
Genomics: 4 bacterial genomes completed; 10 in progress. At least 100 more till the end of 2020.