About Explogen

We are a small team with big ambitions

Explogen LLC (EXG) is a small Ukrainian enterprise formed in mid-2019 in Lviv, which deploys biological approaches to access the chemical diversity encrypted within bacterial genomes. The company is organized and led by researchers with the in-depth experience in synthetic biology of microorganisms, genomics and bioinformatics. Explogen represents in Ukraine a unique case of research-intensive biotech startup. Its main asset is team of experienced researchers who honed their skills in top institutions - such as Universities of Saarland and Cambridge, Harvard University, Boston University. Their decision to work in home country is driven by the idea to develop a world-class research program, which would contribute to positive changes in Ukrainian science and society.

Up to date, at least 18,000 actinobacteria genomes were sequenced with only a limited number of natural products biosynthetic gene clusters have been cloned and expressed. Here in Explogen, we believe, that applying a systemic approach based on combination of dedicated bioinformatic tools, cloning of large DNA fragments and engineering of microbial expression hosts, will result in high success rate of biologically active compounds discovery from bacterial sources.

Primarily, Explogen focuses on Actinobacteria encrypted chemical diversity as a main internal research project. Our ultimate goal is to provide sustainable access to new biologically active natural products by applying efficient cloning and heterologous expression approach. However, with expanding our expertise to new microorganisms and building up a set of universal synthetic biology tools, we are now offering strain engineering and cloning of large chromosomal fragments as services.

Explogen is also aiming to change the view on biotech possibilities in Ukraine. One of our missions is to mentor a new generation of genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology specialists in Ukraine by providing access to front-line technologies, equipment and expertise. Ukraine boasts a wealth of talented young people, who have limited opportunities to realize themselves as biotech professionals locally. Explogen serves as an example of such opportunities for young scholars from local universities.

Explogen is a reliable partner for Biotechnological, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural companies, small enterprises and startups and Academic research institutions working in fields of small molecules discovery and production as well as microbial biomass production. 

Current Projects:
Engineering: 1 completed; 1 ongoing.
Cloning: 11 cosmid libraries constructed and sequenced.
Genomics: 4 bacterial genomes completed; 10 in progress.
Resources: >300 actinobacteria species isolated