The unusual Streptomyces ukrainascabiei.

For quite some time we were looking to isolate one of only a few known pathogenic to plant Streptomyces species – Streptomyces scabiei. Finally, by finding the scab-infected potato tubers on a local market we got 3 actinobacteria species, one of which was dominant. This strain, named Streptomyces ukrainascabiei EXG0031, is closely related, but still different from other known Streptomyces scabiei. However, unlike the related species, the S. ukrainascabiei is stimulating seeds germination and growth of radish sprouts. On the other hand, one of the minor isolates, Streptomyces sp. EXG0029 demonstrated a strong inhibition of radish germination. Now, with the genomics and metabolic analysis we are looking to find the factors causing this unusual behavior of both strains.

Radish seed and young sprouts after 5 days on a plates with the cultures of three different Streptomyces strains.