How we work

Explogen offers a highly flexible and cooperative scheme of contract project execution

Goals and Ideas: defining project goals and feasibility.
  • Customer sets up goals and objectives for the project.
  • Explogen evaluates the project feasibility and our ability to reach the goals defined by Customer.
Planning: Data analysis, planning project execution.
  • Explogen develops detailed plan and timing of project execution and discusses it with the Customer. 
  • Customer specifies conditions and special requests.
Budget: Defining project budget and payment scheme.
  • Explogen offers flexible “bonus-bases” payment scheme. 
  • Customer covers consumables and personnel costs. 
  • After achieving defined goals Explogen receives the bonus (preliminary agreed during project discussion).
Execution: Project realization.
  • Customer transfers the project-related materials to Explogen. 
  • Explogen initiates realization of the project with detailed progress reports every 3 months.
Completion: Reaching the defined goals and transfer of materials.
  • Explogen completes the project in time and at point defined by initially agreed goals. 
  • Explogen transfers all materials (strains, clones, etc.) and data related to the project to the Customer.
Support: Assistance in results implementation and application.
  • Explogen provides post-project assistance and guidance in application of project results and data by Customer.